2013-05-17 00:32:50 by DarkMagic2010

Sheesh, i need 2 make more songs...

Summer Break

2011-06-26 02:15:12 by DarkMagic2010

Hi everyone! Long time...

Anywho! Summer break is comin' up...my question is, are any of you fully prepared for it??


2011-01-02 23:18:46 by DarkMagic2010



2011-01-01 15:57:15 by DarkMagic2010

It is now 2011! WOO!!

My question for you guys is...if you made a new years resolution, what is it and why?

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

2010-12-20 20:06:08 by DarkMagic2010

To everyone on Newgrounds and beyond, i wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year! :D